Business strategies

Despite different sizes, types and activities, all organizations need to consider the influence of shifting factors in the environment and the company; they all need to recognize their advantages and the potential for improvement and use this as the basis for setting goals and achieving competitive results. Each organization’s process for realizing this is unique and the most important thing is that the final result of this process is a strategy that improves the company’s position and/or provides it with sustainable competitive advantage.

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How can Unikatum help you with this?

  • We provide step-by-step guidance in accordance with the internationally recognized process of developing winning business strategies.
  • By enabling active participation in strategic thinking and encouraging knowledge exchange and the public arguing of different viewpoints, we help the participants accept the results of the cooperation as their own product, not the product of the consulting house, because they will be involved in its creation.
  • Using selected methodologies and related techniques, we will ensure the necessary conditions to start and execute the project successfully.
  • We provide direct access to the latest findings in business strategy development, as we are the only partner of 2GC Active Management in Slovenia and South-East Europe.


By working with us, you gain:

  • Individual assistance for project team members, which will always be personalized according to the individual, because each of us is unique and has their own ambitions, potentials and capabilities.
  • Time-intensiveness and efficiency, because a dynamic business environment requires us to achieve first positive changes fast.
  • Fast and efficient response to any new findings discovered during project execution. Based on experience and immediately after the first comprehensive analysis of the operation, we will focus on identifying those opportunities that we can realize quickly or are underutilized.
  • Unique combination of different internationally recognized methodology tools. Clients often want help in introducing certain tools into their business practices and it falls to us, the consultants, to guide the client to the heart of the matter and to use the appropriate tools to resolve it. Using a combination of different and the most appropriate tools, we will teach you to work better and more efficiently.