Business Models

When considering how to achieve and sustain your competitive advantages in the global economy, managers emphasize future changes in business models. While business strategies were the main driver of the development of competitive advantage over the past three decades, the latest research indicates that in the future, permanent competitive advantage will be realized through transformed business models in combination with a thoughtfully designed business strategy.

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Business model innovation is the privilege reserved for the first

Business model innovation is a privilege reserved for the first, while everyone else needs to take on the demanding journey of evolutionary or transformational reshaping of their business model. While the evolutionary approach is directed towards improving the efficiency of the existing business model, it does not guarantee that this model will even be applicable to the new business conditions. The transformation approach, on the other hand, requires a longer period when the “old” and the “new” business models coexist, as the company is finding answers to many demanding questions, while they are undergoing a transformation.

How can Unikatum help you with this?

  • We help you find answers to the three key questions: how does your new business model ensure that value is created and delivered to your customers and the society and how do you capture value for your company.
  • Based on our research work studying the dynamics of business models and a detailed study of a 14-year period in the life of an operating company (from establishment to successful business model transformation), Unikatum has developed a deep understanding of how to design a new business model and how demanding the process of transformation is.
  • We can efficiently connect the “mental image” of a new business model to the process of developing a winning strategic direction and operational efficiency.

Unikatum transformacija poslovnega modela

By working with us, you gain:

  • A detailed understanding of your business model and the opportunities for change (evolutionary or transformational).
  • The latest findings from research into business model changes.
  • An understanding of the demanding process of business model transformation.
  • The methodology of the connection between a business model and a business strategy and how they are linked to business excellence, the DNA of your company.