Business Excellence

Excellence means noble and efficient operations, despite the difficult struggle to achieve a global competitive edge in the eyes of buyers. It also means ethical and responsible actions, pushing the limits of improvements and efficiency within a company using a cycle of learning and innovating across all business functions. Excellence is therefore the pursuit of balanced development, results that stand out and team creativity and cohesion, which is common to each individual and the entire organization. Excellence is a building block of the new economy culture.

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How can Unikatum help you with this?

  1. We help you start thinking about excellence and carry out the first self-assessment of your organization.
  2. We help you identify and define the areas that have the potential to drive improvements in your operations.
  3. We help you carry out the program of excellence.
  4. We help you critically evaluate your progress and stand by you as you increasingly improve your business excellence.


By working with us, you gain:

  • An answer to the question “How does our level of excellence compare internationally?”
  • An answer to the question “What key projects and activities can help us achieve a higher level of business excellence?”

We recommend the BASIC EXCELLENCE program to:

  • Fast-growing companies.
  • Companies that have already received a national business award (Gazela, Zlata nit, Manager leta).
  • Companies that need to comply with the recommendations by the Slovenian Sovereign Holding.

How can Unikatum help you with this?

  • We help you train, direct and encourage your team of managers and professionals.
  • We use a compelling approach to help you understand the strategic thinking and operational excellence.
  • We help you create a Living book of excellence and implement a program of excellence.
  • We help you critically evaluate the level of progress and achieve higher and higher levels of business excellence.


By working with us, you gain:

  • Highly skilled support when implementing more advanced types of self-evaluation of excellence levels.
  • Coaching, consulting and training that are certified in accordance with the demanding European standards and licensed by EFQM in Brussels.
  • Opportunities to promote your business and skill in an international environment.

How can Unikatum help you with this?

  • We work with you to shape the vision of your success and help you find the best way to make it come to life.
  • We help you transform your organization and adapt your strategy, coworkers and processes.
  • We help you discover unrealized potential.
  • We provide you with examples and explanations of best practices.
  • We support the development of excellence in your partners and key suppliers and shape their contribution to your business excellence.